Emptiness is Random!!

On a normal day, when I was home alone, getting worked up with a lot of thoughts, which really actually didn’t need so much insight, I realized, I was becoming empty. Randomly.

There was a sudden moment of pause in my train of thoughts; my conscience asking me, “What are you actually doing?”. To which, my brain replied, “I am thinking”. Conscience corrected,”Over-thinking”.

On a tighter note, it made me realize that ‘thinking, itself is, over-thinking’. It’s absurd to think at all. The way to live is to learn the way to empty one’s mind. That is the random state of living. The authenticity of our creation. The state what we had when we were created. Somewhere randomly, we started thinking. And now, the whole species is going bonkers. In the mirage of living a life. No, we are just spending our time here on earth. When it comes, we will embrace death.

No. It’s not random at all. Emptiness is everything. Everything is empty.
Don’t give a shit about anything at all. Life isn’t recorded. Everything will be forgotten and destroyed. Even Einstein. Even Edison. Even the Pharaoh. When the dinosaurs were gone, no one else knows their presence except us. For a brief period of time. Our time will come. And we may become extinct without a footprint. So, why to think? Think about it. Oh, no! Don’t think about it.